Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists

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Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
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Training ePortfolio and CPD ePortfolio

Founded in 1929, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) has been working to transform women’s health and reproductive care for over 90 years across the world. They are committed to developing the accessibility and quality of education, training and assessments for doctors wishing to specialise in O&G.

Today, RCOG have over 16,500 members who rely on their support throughout each stage of their career. They encourage all members to pursue lifelong learning and development, offering cutting-edge training programmes and courses.

The CPD ePortfolio enables O&G doctors in the UK and overseas to record CPD activities and the Training ePortfolio enables Trainees to record their progress throughout Specialty Training. These two platforms have to work within the context of the working life of doctors: accessibility from a wide variety of computers and browsers, ease of use and high availability.

NDP have worked in partnership with RCOG since 2017


RCOG brief


This was a back to basics brief, where the legacy platforms could not be used as a guide for the new builds. Layers and layers of complexity had been added over the years, resulting in usability issues that meant there was no useful reference for the user interface. In addition, the methodology behind the service delivery had also evolved.

Work began with a succession of workshops with each group of stakeholders, conducted in person and mostly on paper and whiteboards. This allowed stakeholders to build back a new vision for both platforms. This was followed by further workshops as the layout of the application interfaces was explored and developed until RCOG were satisfied with our proposals.

Development was done by a small team working in a pair-programming configuration. This approach sees two senior developers side by side at one computer, alternating every hour between one coding and the other observing. This enhances code quality and also accessibility, ensuring the code base can be understood by other developers across the life cycle of the products.


Once the new platforms were live and bedded in, it was possible to assess real-world performance in terms of utility and usability and the reception was positive. Device access was broader and the user interface more intuitive, simplifying the task of transitioning members to the new applications.

A number of years have passed since then and work on the platforms has followed two tracks - optimising cost of ownership as well as carefully adding new functionality to further improve convenience and capability for users. 

This work has built on the foundations laid during the discovery, design and coding of the original project and the platforms remain stable and easy to use to this day


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