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Global site and microsites

The website is the official site for GLP, a global company specializing in logistics real estate, data centers, renewable energy, and technology innovation. They are recognized for their strategic and innovative approach to business growth and value creation and a leading business innovator in new economy sectors

Key focuses of GLP include logistics real estate, data centers, renewable energy development, and incubating innovative technologies. 

GLP also lead with a commitment to sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, reinforcing their role in modern industry efficiency and global leadership in logistics real estate.

NDP have worked with GLP since 2018


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When GLP reached out, it was for support with their Drupal global site. Like many large corporations, GLP's site was not complex as such - its purpose more the publishing and provision of corporate information than being sales focussed in any way. As simple as this may sound, in reality the challenges can be high.

To create a strong working partnership with corporations such as GLP, we often see the need to work with two very different stakeholder groups within the organisation. The first is the marketing team, liaising through the senior marketing team leader, for whom the site is core to the organisations presentation. The second is the IT team, for whom the site is one of many technology systems they are responsible for.



Service management

For a client at this scale, service delivery is a key factor when choosing a partner. Our main development team and our support team both have roles to play, depending on the scale and type of work required. Both are required to deliver to the highest standards and this is where Quality Assurance is key to the partnership.

Across design improvements, managed services and the provision of microsites, the role of QA is the same - delivery that does not need to iterate with the client to achieve acceptance. Both the IT team and marketing team demand minimal intervention on their part to get the results they need.

Our approach to Quality Assurance is factored along the lines of those used outside the digital sector. We do this on the basis that QA in other industries is usually subject to higher standards than digital, yet they have the same goal - minimising cost of delivery, while meeting the highest customer expectations. 

Our belief is that Quality Assurance should be at the heart of digital production, not simply a phase in the delivery process

The result

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"The level of communication and collaboration from the developer on the project was amazing and not something I’ve experienced with any other agency."

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