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The CIOT is a registered charity, with over 19,000 members providing assistance through a network of 40 branches. It is the leading body in the UK for taxation professionals and the main purpose is to provide education in taxation. In addition, they lobby government for more efficient and simpler tax systems.

The CIOT also administers and awards two qualifications: the CTA (Chartered Tax Adviser) qualification for domestic tax practitioners in the United Kingdom, and ADIT (the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation) for international tax professionals around the world.

To deliver on the above, CIOT operate an estate of sites. Our belief in the importance of long term relationships with clients, through changes in staffing and technology strategy, is born out by the ongoing success CIOT have with this digital presence.

We were first approached by CIOT more than a decade ago and our partnership continues to this day


Budget briefcase

First contact

Back in 2013, CIOT approached us a number of times asking for advice and proposals for porting their estate of sites to Drupal. Coming from a legacy CMS with high licence costs, they wanted to explore using an Open Source CMS to deliver their requirements for the future.

After considering options, CIOT returned to our offices to discuss placing the project with us. At the time, this was one of the largest projects we had ever been offered and it came with a catch - licences on their legacy CMS were about to expire and the delivery timeframe had shrunk to little more than 4 months.

To deliver the project required every resource our studio had to offer, while still maintaining service levels for other clients. Between ourselves and the client, the challenge was met and the new sites delivered on schedule.


Today, our work continues with the CIOT team - most recently moving a number of the properties onto D10, the latest version of Drupal

Work started with porting Tax Advisor Magazine in late 2022 and the relaunch was completed before Christmas. With the project deemed a success, CIOT went on to commission the porting of a second site for the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT), which went live in February 2023. This was followed by Low Incomes Tax Reform Group's site, scheduled for launch in 2024.

Throughout this time we have continued to work closely with the CIOT team across their digital estate providing managed services on an on-demand basis.


The result

What our clients say about working with us

"The level of communication and collaboration from the developer on the project was amazing and not something I’ve experienced with any other agency."

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Create value, deliver on time and demonstrate impact in a sustainable way

10+ years

Drupal experience across our diverse team of certified developers


Support provided to Enterprise and Pro clients with 15 minutes response time


Uptime delivered in partnership with, Pantheon, AWS and GCloud

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