Support Development with Sam

Meet Sam one of our Support Developers at NDP Studio. He focusses on making sure client requirements are captured accurately and making them happen on a daily basis.

Tell us about what you do at NDP - what you like about your job?

I am a Support Developer and Quality Assurance Administrator at NDP studio.

The support development side aspect of my job involves having discussions with clients in order to understand their needs or issues and provide them with the best potential solutions. My role as QA administrator involves taking on testing projects as well as overseeing and directing the QA for projects across the agency.

I love the variety of tasks that my role involves. I also love the fact that my role allows me to improve my overall skills both from a technical development point of view as well as an IT professional.

I am passionate about problem-solving, giving clients the best support to deliver our excellent products and services.

As communication is essential in my role, I make sure to keep in constant contact with our Support Manager, Morpho, making sure everything runs smoothly in the support space.

What has changed and evolved in the world of Drupal since you joined NDP?

When I first started out as a Drupal developer, Drupal 7 was fairly close to the middle of its cycle. We saw the release of Drupal 8 in November 2015. This was an exciting change to see as it’s been quite the overhaul from a technical point of view. It’s been interesting to see this cycle in its entirety from its infancy to a system that is now in its prime. I am looking forward to seeing what else it can offer us as Web Developers and also what it means for our clients.

It’s an exciting time for Drupal; people are finding new ways to use and expand its capabilities. In my time as a developer, I’ve seen people use headless and decoupled Drupal, in order to take advantage of the new and exciting front-end frameworks.

We’re now also beginning to see some examples of how, home assistants such as the Amazon Alexa, can be integrated with Drupal in order to provide an even more unique experience.

How do you ensure that our clients get the best service and solution, customised to their needs and business objectives?

Our developers are specialised in various areas. When we receive tasks with specific requirements, we always consider the developers’ expertise, before assigning tasks.

It is also crucial for us to understand our client’s objectives as soon as a support ticket is raised.

At NDP, we analyse and evaluate different solutions where necessary and work together as a team, making sure that the plans that we have in mind are the best options for the client and the site. There are times during different stages of the task or project, where we may have different options available to us, even to the most refined of details. In such instances, we always check with clients to establish what they want before proceeding.

Finally, when we have completed a task, we present the work to our clients on test sites before we make it live to the public. This ensures clients always have the chance to provide their feedback before the site goes live.

To learn more about how we can help you with your support queries get in touch below.

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