Present boxes under the Christmas tree

NDP Managed Services 2023 - it’s a wrap!

Welcome to our holiday newsletter for 2023

With Christmas ahead, we wanted to give you a festive update and some thoughts for the New Year.

At NDP we’ve spent the year doubling down on perfecting our Managed Services for all you Drupal owners. Drupal’s a tricky beast with enormous potential and we manage a wide variety of properties from large to small, many built by agencies other than ourselves and each one different.


Unwrapping your site

When a client brings their Drupal property to us for managed services, the first thing we do is unwrap how it’s built - a discovery journey where we also learn about your business, so we can start optimising your site to perform better for you. A decade of experience has taught us one lesson - every agency and every in-house team have their own approach.


We call it a gift

We’ve learned to respect the work of others - to understand those different approaches to building and using Drupal, their strengths and sometimes weaknesses. We’ve built that experience up over long hours and the payoff is being able to work on almost any Drupal property as is - that’s our developers gift to us.


Pleasant surprises

It’s often a nervous moment for a client - ‘Can a site transition happen smoothly without interruption in day to day support and in service?’. Well, first and foremost, yes it can - you came to us to help you and we have a track record of onboarding sites from other agencies of over 10 years. To take the evolution of your site forward matters the most to us and we often propose a schedule of recommendations that your site can benefit from. Either way, we never let that get in the way of work we can do straight away to meet the immediate needs you have.


Keeping it festive

Owning a Drupal property should always be a great experience - the ability to do things that are hard or impossible with other CMS. Our team is focused on the results you are looking for and how to deliver in a way that lets you do your job, while we do ours. To find out more, just pick up the phone and call us on +44 020 4587 4033 or drop us an email at [email protected] and we’re there for you.

Happy Holidays and we look forward to working with you
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