International Women's Day - Women in Tech
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International Women's Day - Women in Tech

International Women's Day is a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women; but also marks a call for a gender-equal world.

We appreciate the importance of today, so thought that we would talk about women in Tech, and also take the time to celebrate their success. Whilst there are many successful women at NDP, we have focussed on Sofia, one of the key decision-makers and the director of Client Delivery here at NDP.

Sofia Asztalos - our Client Services Director

With a degree in Economics, and experience of working in Hungary, Holland, and the UK, Sofia has brought a wealth of experience to the table. Her interest in technology is combined with her ability to understand business fundamentals. Together these have led her to manage some of the Agency's biggest commercial clients and also provide analytical insights back into our technology proposition.

Sofia joined the company early, within two years of its creation in fact. Over the past seven years, she has established herself as an integral member of the senior team and also has been a dynamo for growth.

She has been highly influential at NDP, and was pivotal in the release of our new platform, ‘ESG Intercom’. Sofia’s creativity, commitment to sustainability, and business acumen came together to develop a new platform that is making moves in the world of ESG. This also highlights the importance and the role of women in ESG.

On her success in the sector and the benefits of an inclusive workforce, Sofia says:

"I am also conscious that I'm not part of the traditional corporate world, and that there are people out there doing tremendous work in achieving diversity and inclusion. Personally, all I can say is that I believe in equality. 

I see us all as people, playing our part and achieving what we can. We should award people based on merit, and take the time to understand others’ views - anything else just doesn't make sense to me."

Maybe it's that mindset that has helped.

Women in Technology

Technology is highly influential in most aspects of everyday life with constant developments and innovations, and it is therefore vital that women are influential in technology. It is positive and encouraging that women are playing an increasingly large role in the technology sector.

A gender gap still exists

However, whilst technology suggests progressiveness and innovation, there is still a stark gender gap in technology around the world and it remains a male-dominated industry. The stats cannot be ignored, technology continues to fall behind other industries when it comes to female representation, with only 17% of UK technology-based roles being held by women. This statistic only gets worse when looking at leadership positions.

It is clear that more needs to be done so that Technology is truly diverse.

We must continue to encourage women to enter the industry

Skills and expertise in this industry are increasingly in high demand, so we must encourage women to join the industry to capitalise on the abundance of opportunities this sector offers. Opportunities in this industry are endless, whether you are tech-savvy or not, anyone can join.

The digital era is only becoming more ingrained into our way of life, particularly with new innovations such as the metaverse, therefore more needs to be done to get women in technology. Creating a stream of talented women who are motivated by the prospect of joining this fast-moving and exciting industry is essential to fill the increasing demand for talent and skills in technology. The gap is gradually closing, which is good news for the future of tech, but more still needs to be done to encourage and promote women in technology.

NDP's door is always open

NDP prides itself on our gender equality in the workplace, having a strong female presence throughout our team. We understand the importance of having a diverse workforce as it is a reflection of society and the diversity of thought required to be a successful business in a diverse society.