The force is strong

Drupal: The Salesforce is strong in this one

Salesforce works with Drupal like Yoda works with a lightsabre - very well.

The Salesforce is strong in Drupal, and that means you get unparalleled performance in user experience, content, and data handling - all leading to galactically good performance. We asked our resident, Drupal Grand Masters what makes this so.

Out of the box bi-directional mapping for Drupal entities to objects

The mature and extensive Drupal Salesforce Suite of modules provide a strong base for whatever you want to do with your site and is the key element in ensuring robust integration in both directions between Drupal entities (i.e. content, forms, users, etc) and Salesforce objects.

Total flexibility

That means that Fields can be mapped between the systems as required, in a dependable and easy way. And it gives you a real choice of synching processes. You can decide when to synchronize them - either immediately, in bulk, only when created, updated, deleted, or a combination of these. In addition, data can be tweaked as it comes in or out of the system.

Proven and trusted

The point that shouldn't be forgotten is that these modules are proven, and being continually improved by the Drupal community. This is in terms of functionality, and also security. If you're in need of any tips on security, make sure you run through our checklist

Using your newfound power for good - First-party data

The best part of having a rock-solid system handling business-critical user journeys is what you can then do with them. Our Grand Masters, are technically adept and always thinking about what their expertise can help businesses achieve. Given the growing importance of first-party data, we work increasingly to collect data with the user’s consent without relying on external partners. This might be signals of user intent (e.g. downloading a white paper, visiting a page) or more explicit data capture such as event signups or self-service portals for memberships and contact preferences.

Forms in Drupal are easy

Making use of Drupal’s form-building tools you can rapidly create and test different form layouts for conversion, without worrying about how these will integrate.

Engaging user experience

You need to capture data back to your single-point-of-truth CRM system but this doesn’t mean users have to be faced with boring forms. You can also use more creative tools for data capture. Examples would include E-commerce integration, interactive learning elements, wizards or product finders, or logged-in user interactions such as visiting a particular landing page or using a certain tool.

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