Digital Design Action Plan with George

The digital world is fast so it’s easy for your site and brand to get outdated, that's why we do Digital Design Action Plans.


What you get

Based on our proven methodology for business driven site support we review and then produce an action plan full of feasible steps to take to reach your business goals.

  • A total review of your digital presence mapped against the business goals it delivers against.
  • Check your brand is in place and highlight inconsistencies
  • Check User Experience and User Interfaces does what you need it to
  • Review the efficiency of visual design for your business goals
  • Review any aspects you’re not happy with as a soft redesign - this can be icons, colours, elements, little improvements that are bugging you and the team or changes in KPI’s - improve / modernise visual layout as necessary
  • Action plan report

Why is it important

  • Consistent branding ensure your message is being perceived correctly and builds consumer loyalty
  • Content publishers know what direction to take, saving time and money
  • Use brand as a tool to support campaigns and business growth

From our designer - George

Inconsistencies are very common on most websites, there are many reasons for this; from the vast amount of different campaigns a website launches in a small period of time to companies that do not have a brand guardian to protect the brand.


When we finish a project that requires design and introduces new styles that can now be used in the website, we need to ensure that people know how to use these and the brand is protected.

Doing a design review of your website from time to time is very important to make sure visual elements are still consistent and design is keeping up to internet standards and company KPIs.

Inconsistent website fixing is a very undermined necessity. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the value of a consistent design across your website or wider digital estate. This design refresh strives to create an affordable yet valuable solution to this.


By going via a brand guidelines update route we can also ensure value when content publishing in the future, it can be done to higher standards with less effort.


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