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7 things you need to know about Drupal 7 (but were afraid to ask)

Okay, you're probably not afraid to ask. But there are some scary consequences to missing the November 2022 deadline and losing security and platform updates!

  1. The official Drupal 7 end of life deadline is 28 November 2022.
  2. The shift from Drupal 7 to version 9, or 10, is a website rebuild project, and an opportunity to redesign the look and feel, revise content, and even re-platform to another CMS.
  3. Over 571,000 sites need to make the upgrade before the deadline or risk security issues.
  4. We have compiled as much useful information as possible in our Drupal 7 End of life White Paper.
  5. Time is running out and most projects need to kick off in the next two or three months.
  6. There are tangible security risks of not upgrading with unknown impact.
  7. There are a few factors that will drive the time and effort needed in your project - use our risk calculator to work out yours.

Get in touch with the Drupal Experts at NDP Studio to see how we can help upgrade your site, manage risks and deliver your project before the deadline