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We base all the things we make on the latest and best platforms, tools and products available...

Drupal 8

Every product we build is based on Drupal 8

The latest and most powerful version of the world’s leading open-source product:

  • Rock solid core with enterprise-grade security built in
  • Thousands of contributed modules for every need
  • Perfect framework for rapid application development
  • Completely customisable to your bespoke requirements

Leveraging one of the largest developer teams on the planet, Drupal 8 offers unmatched power and versatility to deliver ever more sophisticated digital products.

No other platform gives you so much out of the box.

Drupal 8

Cohesion DX8

NDP lead the field with Cohesion’s DX8 content manager toolkit.

DX8 enables content managers to create  immersive, engaging content experiences with a fully-featured layout builder, plus inline page editing.

  • Intuitive, drag-and-drop layout editor
  • No rigid templating, no cluttered CMS interface
  • Huge speed boost with libraries of best-in-class landing pages and components.
  • Works out of the box with all of Drupal 8’s workflow systems.

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the Drupal CMS experience, then get in touch today and book a demonstration.

DX8 will transform your ambitions as a Drupal site owner forever.

Cohesion DX8

Membership Manager

Effortlessly manage your members.

Our Membership Management Product (MMP) makes it easy for you to manage your members online and provides all the features you need:

  • Register members

  • Take payments

  • Renew memberships

  • Update member details

Our MMP is a safe and secure product that saves you money with a low cost, all-in-one solution. It offers a future-proof product architecture; secure, versatile and highly compatible with your existing systems.

To find out more, contact our consultants.

Member Management Product

Why Drupal?

Drupal is one of the most versatile content management systems and application frameworks available. It is used in every sector - corporate, government, media, membership, organisations, charities and businesses.

And being open-source, it has a global developer community contributing new modules every day. From brochureware sites, to the most complex systems, services and applications, including e-commerce - Drupal is the choice.

NDP includes one of the UK’s most experienced development teams, delivering Drupal platforms and products since 2009.

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