Managed Services

NDP’s proactive enterprise-class Drupal support is designed to guarantee you a secure and reliably maintained digital product that will evolve with your needs...

Managed Service Retainers

Our unique Managed Services come with a robust 24/7 critical service SLA and are managed by a proactive Drupal-expert team of developers, creatives, support & account managers and digital strategists. We can advise on and fully manage your hosting requirements, or work with your own hosting infrastructure.

Enterprise-grade 24/7 support

You can choose a plan that suits you needs - small, medium or enterprise. All retainers include support management, access to help desk, phone support & reporting on monthly usage with unused hours rolled over up to 3 months. Account management includes frequent digital strategy sessions, ad hoc workshops & KPI reviews plus content management help any time. Platform management includes managed off-site backup, Jira based release management with 2 full-licenses, ongoing site monitoring, site outage rectification and management.

Housekeeping and security

Our simplest and most essential Managed Service Retainer ensures that your platform is safe, secure and fully compliant with the most stringent security requirements (including GDPR) - all at a fixed annual cost. We proactively update and security patch your site and platform, liaising with your hosting provider and Drupal's security team to make sure you are fully protected from any threats and data breaches.

Managed Service Retainers

Evolving your proposition

Our vision of a client relationship encompasses far more than business-as-usual support and maintenance. As a strategic life-cycle partner, we think about your digital future strategically and creatively for the whole life-cycle of the relationship.

Data and analytics

Our retainers come with monthly data insight reports, quarterly UX improvement propositions and ongoing suggestions to keep you ahead of competition and to leverage best-in-class technologies. 

KPI and measurement workshops kick off the process of testing and measuring the performance of your digital property. Recommendations from our team are led by these data insights and then directly linked to your business or organisational KPIs.

Roadmap management

Accurate and targeted data then allows us to suggest changes and improvements that directly drive your KPIs. We work with you to prioritise, cost and manage your ongoing digital roadmap for best effect.

NDP is the only London based Drupal agency with a dedicated team for your Managed Services.

Relationship Management

Our vision of a client relationship encompasses far more than business-as-usual support and maintenance. We think about your digital future strategically and creatively for the whole life-cycle of your product.

Regular Contact

Dependent on your retainer either your Account Manager or your Support Manager is your main day-to-day point of contact.

They are responsible for the general oversight of all the work we do for you. They ensure you are kept up-to-date with progress, developments and recommendations.

Account and Support managers are always available for calls and will respond to any request within one working day. If your key contact is on leave, we assign appropriate cover and let you know

Strategic contact

Our Digital strategists, together with Account or Support managers will also have formal account review meetings with you to discuss activities completed and in progress, support ticket SLA compliance and any other issues.

As a senior-level contact, Digital strategists are available to attend governance meetings including programme board and product management meetings.

Our Digital Strategists organise a quarterly strategy meeting to ensure all activities are properly aligned with your commercial roadmap.

Account Management
  • SECURITY: With a dedicated Security Officer, we ensure that all data on the website, including your customer data and any other sensitive information, is protected, secure and free from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, loss and destruction.
  • HOSTING: We partner with a number of hosting providers and make recommendations to you based on your exact requirements. We offer managed hosting, and we are happy to liaise with the provider on your behalf, including resolving site outage together with them.
  • TESTING: The tests we use are designed for different types of work - from simple support tasks, to functionality changes and the deployment of large-scale additions to your site.
  • REPORTING: You get access to the same systems we use to manage and monitor our clients’ platforms and websites, giving you real-time visibility of performance. This includes both development and management information systems.

For more information on our Managed Services Retainers and SLA, download our Managed Services brochure.