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Get the best of Engaging Networks and MS Dynamics with Engaging Connections.


Our data sync gives you a single version of the truth and GDPR compliance, a 360° view of your supporters’ actions and donations and advanced tools to enrich data.

Spam Hammer
for Drupal

Hammer the spam right back into the can on your Drupal site.

Spam Hammer uses a multi-layered defence to stay ahead of spammers as their tactics continue to evolve. 

Critical CSS

Get faster above the fold.

Critical CSS gives Drupal sites lightning fast page load times for better user experience, performance and SEO.


 A single ESG hub for internal comms, with white labelled content and SSO log ins.

It is fully branded, ties into your existing IT, and elearning systems for staff and gives you higher staff engagement.

Proven solutions to known problems

NDP Studio's solutions team create products based on our wider Services. We are able to provide proven and trusted answers to common problems faced by clients across different sectors and verticals.

If you need any help productising or re-using components of your digital estate please get in touch.

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