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When Internal Communications Become Mission Critical

Why Internal Communications are Critical to your Mission?

How many times have you heard a frustrated colleague say, “Well nobody told me...”? Effective internal communication systems are one of the pillars for success at any organisation and are especially important now in this new age of globalisation and remote working. Internal communications are mission-critical to organisations of any size; there is now new technology that is making the process much easier for you.

Internal communication is responsible for the effective flow of information to keep employees connected and well-informed. Getting the right processes in place right can increase the productivity and morale of employees within the organisation by engaging employees and motivating them. Getting it wrong can be very damaging, leading to a disgruntled and disinterested workforce. The systems need to be comprehensive and ready to handle any complications which may arise.

The Challenges of Internal Communications.

Communicating messages to staff – Employees often find that they aren’t provided with enough information to do their job: goals are not communicated effectively, and employees are often unaware of important changes. This makes it hard to streamline the operation, making the organisation less efficient.

Launching new initiatives – This should be an exciting time for the business, but when a company launches a new initiative, project, or campaign, precise directions must be given to all the relevant employees to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This can be a difficult task, as everyone will likely be playing a different role, therefore generalised instructions aren't sufficient.

Onboarding new employees – Unfortunately, the process of onboarding new employees can be difficult and awkward. New employees must learn the ropes of any internal communications fast so that they can settle into their new position and ultimately get the job done. This process has become especially difficult since remote working has become commonplace.

Overload of irrelevant information Sifting through hundreds of emails reading often irrelevant information is time-consuming and monotonous; leading to valuable information being lost in the daunting list of unread emails. Employees can be overloaded with information that is not relevant to them, taking up time and money.

Budget - Budgeting issues often mean companies neglect to invest in effective internal communication processes. We understand that the process can be very costly, and when looking to cut costs it is an easy victim. However, implementing sufficient systems to manage your communications doesn't have to empty the bank.

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