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Usability is SEO

You may not have noticed a small but important change coming up in 2021, but Google is changing its search algorithm to reward sites that users enjoy using!

SEO is still important but will you be best placed to capitalise on a whole new way of getting up the search rankings?

Our Usability Review combines four areas into one set of clear recommendations:

  • User experience and interface design

  • Brand and visual communication

  • Analytics and existing SEO

  • Site speed

It is a cost efficient way to make sure your site is seen, with different options based on your site complexity and size.

These reviews are designed to sit alongside the strategic evolution of your website, and give you ‘quick wins’ to improve your website performance and improved user experience.

We focus on high level ‘general’ points, followed by a more detailed look at some of the advanced analytics settings and potential issues. Even relatively minor details in the quality of a user experience contributes to the overall success of the website in delivering against your business’s objectives and KPIs.

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Image by Sergey Zolkin

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