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The only Drupal Support Package that reduces your emissions

Is your website carbon neutral?

With rocketing awareness of the impact of online services on carbon emissions, major hosting companies like Amazon are becoming carbon neutral. Your organisation has also likely taken steps to reduce emissions, with thousands of UK companies implementing either ESG, or environmental policies.

But is your site fully carbon neutral, if your hosting and internal teams are tackling emissions but your Support agency isn't?

Give your website a net deficit carbon footprint with NDP Studio’s Enterprise Support, the only option that reduces your emissions.

As well as working to net-zero ourselves, we completely offset all of the related emissions of your sites alongside our global partner - a trusted delivery partner who are completing this vital work to help organisations achieve net-zero.

We all know the importance of taking climate considerations into account, and why we need to take action. Climate change is at the top of the agenda, and it is crucial that your organisation is seen to be playing its part. But has your organisation done everything it can to reduce emission, and importantly is your support agency actually reducing your carbon footprint?

Have you considered that your website is generating emissions, and has its own carbon footprint? Website hosting and support are often overlooked by organisations when they seek to reduce emissions. Every measure possible is vital to ensuring that our planet has a brighter future, so it is vital that you do not neglect any part of your footprint. Your site might be hosted on a carbon neutral platform, but is your support agency reducing your carbon footprint?

We are the only independent Drupal agency that offers support that actually reduces your emissions, and this comes at no expense to you.

NDP has measures in place that make sure our clients carbon footprint is reduced, no other agency has this in place.

Through our partnership, we completely offset all of the related emissions of websites that we support, and this requires no action from you. We take care of the cost and effort required to make your website emission free, we do this even without you asking as part of our service.

We have an exciting partner that engage in projects across the world, and are completing vital work to help organisations achieve net-zero.

Their work reduces emissions in a variety of ways, including wind farms, solar panels, preventing deforestation, hydropower and biomass. By partnering with them we have ensured that any carbon emissions from the work we do for our clients on their site are completely offset by their projects.

We are offering a free month of support for all new clients, get in touch to have a chat!

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