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Staff Augmentation is a Win Win for companies and in house developers

Staff Augmentation is the flexible, modern approach to the challenge of resourcing and capacity of production staff. You augment your current in house dev teams with NDP to provide cover and support for all you do in Drupal and digital. It is the low cost alternative to expensive and lengthy recruitment of specialists with deep subject matter knowledge, skills and capability. It gives you a liability free way to get the skills you need on demand, up skill your people and reduce long term costs.

Why would you want to go through the challenge, cost and overhead of the recruitment of full time employees when you can simply and effectively augment your teams?

We work independently on delivery support to your business or as one of your team if you require. We can work through our integrated support and ticketing tools or plug into your own. Our ambition is to augment your teams so we work alongside you to help deliver on your objectives and targets.

  • Fill the gaps where you haven't got enough time or people and build resilience.

  • Reduce the risk of losing your in-house website skills and knowledge.

  • Scale up or down without the overheads and lead in time of recruitment and HR processes.

  • Save money and make your budgets go further.

  • Deliver better digital performance for your organisation.

With a dedicated support team, a personal touch ethos and 15 years of Drupal experience, NDP Studio provides staff augmentation by hours or equivalent Full Time Employees to ensure your business is always up and running.

We have a dedicated support team and support management where we augment staff for our clients own teams or we take on the responsibility for your support end to end. They focus on you and your support only, we do not confuse it with project work as other agencies do. We've worked on and have a deep understanding of current and historic Drupal versions, and a broad range of CRMs, payment gateways and marketing systems. We also have experience of site optimization for sales and performance. It is about getting the most from your existing partners and technology for your colleagues and customers. We can even plug in to your existing ticketing system or corporate governance if you would like us to! Get the skills you need for your digital team without the overhead. At the company level the benefits of working alongside an agency are:

  • Digital leadership, and strategic roadmap planning without the expensive wage bills

  • Contract management to let you focus on results not managing technical partners

  • A broader digital team, not just in wider development skills but also design, IA and analytics assets for you to draw upon

  • Faster and cost efficient procurement of specialist skills

  • You don't have to choose between backlog tasks or fast turnaround projects

  • More people means more experience to draw upon, which has proven useful with Drupal 9 at the Enterprise level

  • Get a dedicated Technical Lead in the form of a senior developer

  • Find that elusive Account Manager who provides a day to day point of contact, own your KPIs, and provide project and release planning for backlog and project work

  • Get Service level agreements on tickets

  • Work faster with happier stakeholders in the knowledge work is Quality assured before they undertake UAT

  • Report your progress with monthly analytics reports

  • Keep your digital estate fresh with quarterly performance and creative reviews

For your in-house developers, there a specific benefits:

  • Get regular upskils sessions and working lunch and learns

  • A sounding board for decisions with senior developers

  • Benefit from a greater breadth of team experience across varied tasks, technology and integrations

  • One team working and (at the moment, virtual) colocation allows for more efficient and innovative ways of working - we just plug into your usual tools

  • Get best in class development workflows to use from day one

  • Greater flexibility in how you manage, schedule and resource work.

  • Easing backlog of work in a managed and cost effective way with greater flexibility.

If Staff Augmentation sounds like something that could help you achieve your goals then drop us a line below.

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