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Salesforce Case Studies

CRM often sits at the core of an organisation’s digital foundations, and many will often rely on its success to be successful themselves, therefore getting it right is of the utmost importance. NDP are Drupal Salesforce experts, don’t just take it from me, let’s have a look at some of the case studies that demonstrate NDP’s Salesforce wisdom.


For STEP, CRM sits at the heart of their membership organization, and has been extended over the years to support the growing custom needs. NDP was tasked by STEP to complete a large-scale project to improve their CRM platform Salesforce. NDP was to audit and also further understand STEP’s current Salesforce integration, and would then use all the information gathered from this process to progressively rebuild the Salesforce integration for a new Drupal 8/9 future-proof website and member portal, ensuring that transition into the upgraded version Drupal would be as smooth as possible.

A project of this size took significant organisation, and therefore to meet the priorities we worked in parallel tracks to deliver parts of the project in a phased approach. This approach was important as it provided stakeholders with reassurance that the transition of members to the new digital self-service platform would be tightly integrated with Salesforce, then also followed by more general public-facing content, and a directory service powered by Salesforce. All of which was delivered both in time and in budget.

At NDP we don’t look for the easy route, we look to add as much value as possible when completing a project. During the process, we rearchitected and simplified areas of the integration where possible, and also dramatically improved the performance of the directory service by expertly designing the technology to meet this goal, where others may merely replicate existing problems. NDP was also able to replace some APIs built with custom Apex code with the standard Salesforce ones to improve maintainability and the longevity


BSC was seeking to deliver digital transformation across both its public-facing website and storefront and also its separate e-learning platform. The tricky part was that BSC wanted to achieve this without introducing CRM integration risks into those projects. Therefore NDP devised a middleware solution.

Well, you may ask, what is middleware? One way to think of middleware is as a layer in between two different systems or between users and a system. Some motivations for employing middleware are that you are able to re-use integration logic in order to de-risk delivery projects and to provide future-proofing if some of the systems need to be replaced in the future.

NDP’s middleware solution allowed BSC to deliver both digital transformations simultaneously, and it allowed for a 3-way integration without re-developing the integrations twice on different platforms. NDP implemented middleware to connect to Salesforce, and also apply complex business rules while exposing simplified APIs to the other websites. This means that the project timeline could be condensed and any future updates to integration logic or software versions would only need to be implemented once. This solution took much of the stress out of the process and streamlined the project.

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