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One site to integrate it all with RCPCH

Creating RCPCH's Global website and membership management platform


  • Ground up rebuild as part of RCPCH’s digital transformation program

  • Seamless delivery of CRM integration via micro-services layer

  • Project delivered on time and on budget

  • Website outages during exam booking periods eliminated

  • Dynamically scaling servers ensure 100% availability during peak load periods

  • RNIB approved accessibility

RCPCH is the UK’s professional body for all medical staff involved in child health.

This site now services an audience spanning membership and the general public, with many subgroups, including international visitors. It provides information and advice and acts as a hub for membership management, subscription services, examinations, events and more. This new site is a complete overhaul and features multiple integrations, including one with their Care CRM system.

Image by Sergey Zolkin

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