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Find out how we made HOPPY's life easier - a project for EDF

Hoppy is EDF’s response to consumers looking for a single digital service to make their lives easier – specifically, better management of their homes.


  • New platform delivered in 13 weeks

  • Bounce rate reduced by 10%

  • SEO ranking significantly improved on relevant keywords

  • Number of of visitors tripled and transactions increased by 5 times

  • Average session duration and page views increased by 25%

We inherited a platform in mid ‘18 (completely custom code with no flexibility for growth). The initial goal was to re-platform it on Drupal allowing for more flexibility and features for content managers.

With a tight deadline of 12 weeks to public launch we soon realised that it would be quicker and more cost effective to rebuild the platform from scratch.

In order to meet deadlines we concurrently ran 5 sprints at a time. As of the re-launch we had introduced comprehensive content management features, new features for users and a foundation for further innovation and growth into other services.

Image by Sergey Zolkin

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