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Drupal 9 Launch Checklist

What are the steps to upgrade Drupal 8 into Drupal 9? Follow our checklist below to make sure you don't miss the November deadline.

Before we go into details, do not worry this isn't like the upgrade from Drupal 7, which was a total rebuild. Things are a lot simpler now, and can be achieved in days not months - especially with NDP Studio as your expert digital partner.

Drupal 9 Launch Checklist

  1. Make sure that website hosting supports the required version of PHP The PHP version life cycle means that Drupal 9 only supports modern versions - your hosting needs to be on PHP version 7.4.

  2. Make sure that any Drupal modules have been updated We look through your site's modules and check that they are compatible with Drupal 9 and update them to their latest versions. You can spot-check any of your modules with this handy tool from Acquia here:

  3. Check for any custom modules or themes which are incompatible with Drupal 9 Once the community-maintained modules and themes have been checked and updated, attention turns to any custom code that you may have in place. The same principles apply - code needs to be checked and updated if it uses any unsupported techniques. This step varies for each website, depending on the scale and complexity of your website.

  4. Run the backups and updates Once all of the modules and themes are checked we can move on to the actual upgrade process for core. We conduct this on test environments and of course run backups beforehand.

  5. Regression testing We'll run through key user journeys agreed with you and make sure that everything on the test website behaves as expected. This is also your chance to test the upgraded website.

  6. Deploy to production Once everything is signed off we make it live, and that's it.

You can contact us for any advice or support you need to ensure your Drupal 9 upgrade goes as smoothly as possible. Email us -

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