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Digital transformation for the Energy Saving Trust (EST)

Company-wide digital transformation and support of existing product


  • Ongoing BAU support for all EST sites

  • Immediate and security updates and monitoring

  • Assistance with digital strategy, incl: content, dev roadmapping

  • Collaboratively working alongside existing partner agencies

  • Training and onboarding of new staff

  • 3 new Drupal 8 sites to support the requirements of internal teams

NDP was selected by EST in mid ‘17 to take over the existing day-to-day Drupal support and assist with their ongoing digital transformation work.

Since then we’ve developed three separate Drupal 8 sites, new features for the existing consumer site, analytics and content management updates as well as advised on further digital transformation opportunities.

Project Overview

  • Onboarding high-traffic consumer-facing website into our managed services from previous agency

  • Multiple separate projects delivered including hosting migration, microsite creation, enhancements to consumer site, digital strategy and analytics programme

  • £150k annual managed services and project spend

  • 2 primary support developers, support and account manager oversight

  • Project teams ranging from 1-3 developers and full service

  • Relationship commenced in mid 2017, ongoing.


  • Monthly Enterprise managed services

  • UX and UI design

  • Drupal 8 implementation

  • Drupal 7 support

  • Measurement planning and custom tracking

Image by Sergey Zolkin

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