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Digital Consultancy with Henry

Henry recently joined us as a Business Consultant here at NDP. His role is diverse, ranging from consultancy, strategising, solutions, and campaign marketing.

Consultants are vital for a digital agency, as they help clients with a number of tasks, namely; web solutions to unique problems, ideation, innovative recommendations, and importantly how to improve digitally. However, fundamentally, consultants' main role is to come up with the best possible options for clients to achieve their goals in areas where clients have less expertise.

Consultancy is at the core of Henry’s focus and he believes that in order to be an effective consultant, you must understand the industry in which the client operates. This understanding helps to identify the inherent challenges that the client faces, which allows consultants to then come up with the best possible solutions for the client. Therefore, extensive market research is a big part of what Henry does.

Furthermore, consultants must have a solid grasp of the client themselves, and their individual needs. Henry prides himself on his ability to communicate effectively with clients to gain the full picture.

Henry greatly enjoys using his creativity to come up with exciting and innovative solutions for the diverse range of projects and problems that clients have. What he enjoys the most about it is helping businesses, all with their own varied requirements, improve and grow their digital estates, as this provides for a rewarding career.

Once the consultants have recommended the best practices and solutions, NDP’s experienced team of project managers and developers delivers in a cost-effective and timely manner, all to exacting standards.

Image by Sergey Zolkin

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