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Diabetes UK CPD - Impact-led eLearning

We are a Digital Partner to Diabetes UK and built a strong relationship based on sites like this module based eLearning CPD service - It tracks the impact of the learning with self assessment and real world outcomes for people with Diabetes.

It is a modular framework so allows for new learning materials to be added as the needs of the Healthcare audience change and continues to track the subsequent healthcare outcomes. It leverages the inherent strengths of Drupal for content and data handling for learner user journeys and high security. For the educational experience the NDP Studio team leveraged their experiences of H5P to deliver information and assessment content types.

Using data upload and user sign up, the system works on a cohort, regional and organisational basis with reporting customised to show usage levels, knowledge levels and most importantly impact.

As well as initial delivery, we provide full security, hosting and technical updates in a seamless way so the team can focus on producing materials relevant to the site mission. And we are able to work on a long-term roadmap, making agreed improvements, and also delivering larger projects for major service upgrades.

Image by Sergey Zolkin

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