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All Pain, and No Gain - Get rid of your hosting misery

Stop paying more for hosting misery

Picking the correct hosting platform is tricky, and migrating to a new one is scary, which is why people put up with massive pWeain, bills and hassle. But we find we can solve all these major pain points in a month of onboarding.

Pain point 1: Handling spikes in traffic

The first problem is spikey website traffic (when you get a lot of traffic quickly and the graph spikes). Spikes cause problems as traffic to your site is increasing far above the baseline levels for short periods. This is particularly apparent on sites that are based around events, ecommerce or run large media campaigns.

If you try to solve this problem by increasing the size of your hosting you end up paying more because you pay for large servers all the time when you only need them rarely. The other way of solving this problem is to resize servers up and down when needed but this often takes time and causes outages at just the wrong moment.

Our solution

We make sure your underlying servers don’t need to react to spikes as much by using smart caching. We also apply modern infrastructure that automatically and seamlessly scales up and down when it’s needed, so you don’t fork out for larger scale hosting when you don’t need it.

Pain point 2: Unreliable environments and deployments

There is major pain if you can not release new features to your website because it is an unreliable process. This problem usually crops up when the workflow for developers involves slow steps such as logging into servers to deploy changes. Manual deployment steps are not only slow, they introduce the risk of human error. Another typical problem that occurs when developers and your team don’t have access to realistic test environments is that errors aren’t spotted until too late - after they’ve been deployed to live.

Our solution

We get you into a world with developer-friendly deployment processes that are largely automated. Test environments can be created at the click of a button and accurately reflect the live environment. This allows automated testing tools and quality assurance testers to ensure problems are spotted before they are in front of the public.

Pain point 3: Slow responses to fast threats

Cyber security threats are evolving and fast, and that means you need a high degree of readiness. But modern applications involve a whole stack of software and tools that must be kept up to date to be secure - this is expensive, time consuming and many organisations don’t have the in-house resources to stay on top of this. And even worse, as the web matures, we’re seeing a proliferation of threats, ranging from actual intrusions to denial of service being used as a ransom tool.

Our solution

We offer fully managed updates for your infrastructure and site software and take care of patches. Then we apply an additional level of resilience against traffic-based attacks or what are known as zero-day attacks - vulnerabilities that don’t yet have updates for them.

Pain point 4: Losing your site

Outages are a headache. They frustrate users, cost money, and can take a long time and hassle to fix. In a worst-case scenario, recovering from a backup after an outage can involve lots of different people, and manual work to get an application back to a consistent state. And that doesn’t account for the lost revenue, and data, and then ensuring that the correct backup is restored.

Our solution

We proactively mitigate outages and know about them before you do. First we use modern infrastructure that has automatic failover if any one piece of infrastructure goes down and has a 99.99% uptime SLA. We monitor website speed and availability and get alerted before an issue affects real users. Finally we get full snapshot backups so we can be confident that an exact replica of the application and it’s state is restored in a worst-case scenario with minimum fuss.

Paint point 5: It is too expensive or costs vary

Enterprise grade Drupal hosting has been expensive and if your bills are based on usage it is difficult to budget. When you do get a deal it is because you have had to reserve resources in advance and that has a large upfront cost. In addition, unless you use a managed Drupal hosting solution, your team or external vendor can spend a lot of time managing legacy servers.

Our solution

Only pay for the hosting you need, and get a good price for it. Whatever your situation, including any spikes, you can get predictable and cost efficient support that is fully managed, you don’t need to worry about maintaining and gives you good SLAs.

Book in a meeting today if you want lower costs, higher service and total peace of mind.

Image by Sergey Zolkin

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