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Drupal 8
Site build
Project length
6 months

Working across cities, infrastructure and transport, Steer is a global business consultancy providing clients with a commercial and competitive edge.

Operating in a number of international locations and employing around 400 people worldwide, Steer deliver services that range from wayfaring systems to cycling infrastructure to aviation planning.

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Steer’s existing multi-region site, based on Drupal 6, was nearing the end of its life-cycle and a complete redesign was needed, in addition to a migration to the latest version of Drupal 8.

The rebuild had a number of challenges to consider:

  • Ensure that the multi-region sites showed Steer’s work in the best light on mobile devices by making the new site fully responsive.

  • Ensure that the site layout and design focused on its key purpose as the main recruitment channel for new talent.

  • Improve the experience for prospective clients and employees by providing more cohesive navigation across all regions.

  • Provide a best-of-class multilingual approach to facilitate and manage the workflow of their globally distributed content managers.

In addition to the above, the brief was to collaborate with Steer’s brand and experience consultants, OPX, on the new site’s design.

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Steer - Website case study


Collaborative design

Working alongside OPX, we were able to settle on a design and architecture that met Steer’s requirements and aspirations and could be delivered within their budget. While most projects we deliver go through our own UX design team, we have a lot of experience of working with other agencies too - and we are experienced at getting the most of this kind of collaborative work.

Layout flexibility

To deliver the layout flexibility for content managers, the home page and landing pages use Drupal’s paragraphs module. This system provides content managers with a selection of ‘cards’ each with their own styling and layout options. These can be arranged in single and dual columns to create very different looking pages quickly and easily.

Multi-region management

When a user accesses the site, it detects their IP address and then uses that to determine where they are in the world. It then serves the best match regional home page.
The system is designed to ensure that people accessing the site directly are welcomed in the right language, while users accessing through search results are delivered the correct page in the language they expect (which may be different).

Hosting, security and performance

The new site is hosted on Amazee - a cost-effective Drupal specific hosting provider with good all-round performance. In addition, the site uses Cloudflare - a global Content Distribution Network (CDN). Cloudflare manages the site caching, ensuring high speed response wherever the site is accessed from. It also provides additional security and resilience against denial of service (DDOS) attacks.


Traffic from organic traffic (SEO) has increased by 15%.


The average session duration on the site has increased by 13%.


The average time spent on the site by visitors has increased by 40%.

Steer - Website Case study