British Council

The English Channel

Site build
Project length
6 months + ongoing support


English Channel is a language and culture exposure project devised by the British Council’s digital team to reach an audience across Europe (and eventually worldwide). They came to us with the concept of providing learning and exposure through interactive media content - at this stage it primarily uses video for this purpose.

We explored and prototyped technical options that would allow British Council to launch an engaging product within a manageable investment - settling on the H5P interactive library which has a strong integration with Drupal, on which the site is based.

English Channel for the British Council website designs for interactive learning by NDP


We created a bold and pared-back user interface, which focuses exclusively on the video content - categorised into broad content areas including music, dance, documentary etc. Mobile accessibility was a major consideration as our target audience was relatively young and using mobile as a primary browsing device.


The audience can use the platform without registering, although they may do so to save their results and progress. We offer social sign-up options to make this quick and easy. Simply, users are invited to watch videos and answer contextual questions which pop-up at key points during the video. The British Council content team have complete control of the videos (which are largely are hosted on Youtube), the interactive questions and their places on the video timeline.

It is good to see how dedicated the NDP team has been from the very start of the project and to feel their ownership and commitment to our website and its growing success.

Jill Coates • Head Corporate Training, India at British Council • English Channel

Test & measure

As an MVP, it was important for us to identify learning objectives for the initial rollout. These were workshopped with the client, then backed into a comprehensive measurement plan, with Tag Manager and Data Studio implementation. Some custom measurement was built into the H5P system by our developer team to allow us to finely analyse what behaviours we were seeing from users within the actual learning content. We are able to segment along a number of different dimensions, which are also captured in Analytics.

English Channel - KPIs

Target - achieve 500,000 unique visitors across 3 countries in the first 3 months
Result - over 900,000 - Ukraine 187,884, Turkey - 609, 319, Serbia 138,000

Target - achieve an average bounce rate during the first 3 months of less than 50%
Result - 2.8%

Target - see at least 30% of all traffic come from mobile in the first three months
Result - 35%


We are now into the iteration stage of the project, having observed the MVP in use for around 4-6 months. This begins with review and co-creation workshops, and a user testing programme.