Data Guidance

Site build
Project length
10 months + ongoing development


The DataGuidance platform for privacy law professionals was in need of an extension both from a technical perspective, and a modern front end for its users. Switching from the existing platform to Drupal made this a possibility.

With a large user base constantly checking the site, the transition to the new platform had to maintain the existing functionality and extensive content, whilst simultaneously improving the user experience and data available to its customers.


DataGuidance is a sophisticated platform which provides subscribers with a range of tightly configured ways to navigate the legal information needed to perform their jobs. It’s offered on a subscription basis and has a large corporate subscriber base.

Cecile Park Publishing approached us to help devise and develop a new release of DataGuidance - the incumbent version ran on a collection of different technical platforms - some very old - and was starting to prove expensive and unreliable to manage. Most importantly it was limiting the room for growth and extension of the platform with new features to suit new audiences, shutting off new revenue streams.

Data Guidance website design by NDP


We closely examined the complex technical needs of the DataGuidance platform and confirmed that Drupal was a good fit - its ability to manage tiers of users and permissions, organise and group content with taxonomy, and build sophisticated custom logic that represented the core DataGuidance IP were all standout points.

“Data Guidance leads the field in ensuring that data protection and personal privacy legislation is properly understood around the world...”

Kat Elliott • Digital Strategist • NDP


Subscription-based access including company membership, with granular permissions locking users down to specific jurisdictions or legal areas.

News, regular updates and legislative content including complex ‘matrix’ content to allow users to compare legislation across jurisdictions.

Dashboard style interface allowing quick access to content, promoting content of specific importance to the user, and quick-access tools such as bookmarking and booklet exports of news items to both PDF and CSV formats.

Integration of video and webinar content into a centralised VideoHub.

Accessibility on mobile and tablet devices.

Salesforce integration for users and mapping this to tailored email campaigns.


We worked in collaboration with DataGuidance’s own UI designer who set out the UI principles, look-and-feel and component palette for the platform. We used these materials to create a full responsive UX and system specification.

The project is ongoing and new features and improvements are being regularly added to the Platform based upon research and user feedback.