Big Society


Digital strategy
User research
Site build
Project length
6 months + ongoing support


Big Society Capital works in a complex and young field that it helped to create - the social finance market. It has to engage a number of stakeholders with diverse interests and knowledge bases - from the charity CEO who might be suspicious of finance as an option through to traditional investors from large multi-nationals trying to understand the notion of social-impact as a return. This is also complicated by Big Society Capital’s activity as a social finance wholesaler - they both educate and promote the market and set up investments within it.

The challenge was to understand the diversity of stakeholders, establish what they actually wanted from the website and balance this with the strategic aims and resources of Big Society Capital, and then undertake the website redesign and build afterwards.

Splitting this activity out from the web design project itself allowed everyone to think about the sites goals and users - and the resulting strategic decisions - without worrying about what it looked like, or what went where on the page. We wanted to discover the things that the site should be doing, and make the design process itself more focused and streamlined.

NDP took over support of their current website and have carried out a number of smaller enhancements. In advance of a major site redesign in mid 2015 we worked with them on a user experience research project to set the agenda for the redesign.

Big Society Capital - A case study


In our initial workshop we were able to define four key stakeholder groups, we ran a number of activities that looked into their needs - these included: site benchmarking, online surveys, analytics reporting, user testing, personas and key user journeys, content strategy and a final report.

As a direct result of this work BSC also began another, longer project to develop a new website for its charity audience called ‘Good Finance’. This project is larger and more comprehensive than their corporate redesign and is taking a Service Design approach. We used the outcomes of those discussions to set the agenda for the new website.

"Big Society Capital were created and funded by government to champion the social investment market...”

Kat Elliott • Digital Strategist • NDP


After outlining and defining the scope of the new website project, we set out over the course of several months to design and build BSC a new, modern and highly flexible corporate website. The website was built in Drupal 7 and was designed with content management and user flexibility in mind.

Using a “cards” based layout and content type system - the website allowed the content managers of the BSC team to quickly build and structure pages with any sort of content, to sit where-ever they need in the sitemap.. This allowed for quick and rapid additions and changes to the overall site information architecture, which gave the digital, marketing and comms teams complete power and control when creating and running campaigns through and from the website.

Measurement and results

Since the launch of the new Big Society Capital website we have been working closely with BSC on two things - helping them exploit the main BSC site to the fullest and working with them to create a completely new website - and a new organisation to go with it.

Over the last year we have also worked with BSC on a number of smaller projects, including trialling using Tableau as a BI tool, working up their analytics and putting it in Datastudio and using our ‘cards’ system to help them build a five year impact report. Alongside, we work on an ongoing basis to help them understand their analytics and measure their success and KPI’s online to drive further changes and improvements through the website.

Big Society Capital - KPIs

Goal conversion rate increased to 25%

Reduction of abandonment rate to less than 1%

200 new leads per month (email contact made, EOI form completed) since launch

2000 visitors per month (15% of visitors) now spending more than 5 minutes on the site