top of page migration services for WordPress, Drupal and Magento 

NDP Studio gives you a clear five-step process with easy pricing Packages and confident timelines to replace the complexity with confidence, and simplify legacy hosting configurations, or application installations.

To begin we need read-only site access and some information about website traffic and the required compliance level.
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With easy pricing Packages you can easily plan your end-to-end Migration without any surprises.
Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 10.50.55.png has proven benefits - no matter where you sit in your organisation

For Business Leaders
  • Effective scalability and faster development

  • Resource optimization and Environmental awareness

For Developers
  • Unified development silos and effortless development

  • Secure by design and unmatched flexibility

For IT Leaders
  • Secured globally and operationally efficiency

  • Cloud agnostic

Change to pain-free hosting

You will need to migrate your site if face any of these common pain points:

  • Poor performance and scalability

  • Slow workflows or deployments

  • Unmanaged security risks

  • Frequent or long outages

  • Unpredictable budgets

  • Get rid of the pain points and get 24/7 response and a 99.97% uptime SLAs

  • For Drupal hosting there are powerful tools, faster development and often significant savings at the Enterprise level. 

Our clients include

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