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Middle East Eye

Niche editorial website delivering news, analysis and opinion for the Middle East and North Africa.


Middle East Eye came to us with the ambition to become the Middle East and North Africa’s most credible, trusted and comprehensive source for news, information, analysis and opinion.

Sector : Media - current affairs
​Services provided : Consultancy, IA, design, build and theme, launch planning, CMS training, handover to in-house team.


In a region defined by divided opinion Middle East Eye was a proposal to build a platform to provide impartial, informed views on events and their impact. A resource not only for readers and contributors, but also a reference for journalists.


The build of the site took place under the watchful eye of Chief Editor David Hearst, a former journalist at the Guardian. He challenged us to bring the editorial controls that he was accustomed to at the Guardian, on a startup budget that left no room for errors.


With a range of well-used contrib modules, and the bare minimum of custom development, we created a publishing workflow that could support the high-volume needs of a news desk. This was topped with a mobile and tablet-responsive theme, with a layout to match the quality of the Guardian.

What proved to be most successful was the Twitter-inspired hashtags. These give a topical view of related articles and access to the timeline of a story. The trending story hashtags provide primary navigation links on the home page.

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