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Love the Garden

A site to inspire the gardener, for Scott's - a global manufacturer of gardening products.


Scott’s is one the world’s largest manufacturers of gardening products. The UK division needed to increase awareness of individual products and further their image as a ‘go-to’ supplier for all gardening needs. They'd already settled on the approach to this: an editorially-led website featuring informative content for garden-lovers of all capabilities, with a light-hearted and friendly tone.

Sector : manufacturing, FMCG
​Services provided : user research, information architecture, design, animation, Drupal build, SEO setup


A previous version of the site had proved a good basic model of the concept, but more needed to be done to address the brand objectives. The design needed a full rework to bring it to life, including the ability to work smoothly on desktop, tablet and mobile.

In addition, Scott's wanted a suite of landing pages to support each product category. These needed design compliant with each set of product brand guidelines, with animation to lead the viewer in.

content and structure

Some light-touch user research - primarily survey-based - allowed us to test assumptions about what kind of content would be useful for the intended audience. The next step was to ensure content was easy to navigate and find, using Drupal's hierarchical taxonomy for in-site navigation. Then we added SEO module configuration to allow easy optimisation - helping visitors through from search engine listings.


These are a really special part of the site. With input from each of the brand teams, we produced an initial set of ten landing pages covering the major product groups. These had to look good, grab attention and had to reflect characters of the brands. We settled on a consistent creative strategy with different creative executions for each, providing visual diversity within a sensible budget. Each landing page starts with scroll-based animation to deliver a targeted message.

life-cycle support

Scott's look to us to provide ongoing support for the site, including further landing pages, ad-hoc changes and CMS training and help.

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