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WFH tips

As the Coronavirus pandemic develops and more people work from home for long stretches of time, the idea of laptops on cushions and pyjamas all day will become things of the past. We're lucky, as a Drupal agency remote working is part of our business as usual.

So here are our 7 top tips for Working For Home.

1. Give people one easy and memorable way to contact your help desk, we use a single support email address -
Claire, Managed Services

2. Make sure people have the right home workstation set up especially if they need specialised equipment -
Simon, Production

3. Check if you have any IP restrictions on your machines -
Jon, Development 

4. Jobs aren't just work. Organise video conference coffee breaks to beat WFH loneliness -
Emily, HR

5. Don't forget to notify deliveries and auxiliary staff - 
Sofia, Operations

6. Make sure your customers know what is going on -
Kath, Account Management

7. Make the most of Digital tools and look at what business can move online or be delivered remotely -
Phil, CEO

Of course, our immediate concern is to make sure that viral exposure is delayed, but as this extends into the future we will increasingly helping clients move business critical functions online. So I will follow up with advice soon!

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COVID-19 Update

NDP is a fully distributed digital company, and is used to working remotely. This means that we are well placed to support you.

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