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Questions with George, our DX8 Prodigy

Meet George, our Front-End Developer from Newcastle, who is a recent Computer Science Grad. George is our top go-to guy for all things DX8.

How long have you been in London?

4 months

When did you start with Drupal and DX8?

Beginning of 2019

George in 10 Words:  

Sport, sport, sport
Wes Anderson films
Massive eco-friendly warrior

George Perry

What are the benefits of DX8?

DX8 greatly improves the Drupal experience for content editors with its drag and drop page creation experience. UI components can be added to a page, rearranged and edited with ease.

With the introduction of the modern drag and drop facilities to improve page creation and editing capabilities, both rich experiential pages can be created as well as the evolution of the UX  and UI of current pages.

Sites can evolve using a robust A/B testing strategy when used in conjunction with URL contextualisation.

DX8 has been built to meet the changing demands clients have for their websites and support agencies on how to meet these ever increasing expectations.

At the heart of this is DX8’s ability to make websites more agile - i.e. being able to evolve quickly to meet new user behaviours and strategic requirements. This is achieved by empowering both the agency and the editor to create and evolve pages within the website using design pattern methodology approach.

For the agency, DX8 allows for UI Components to be created with its associated editing experience more cost effectively than that of a traditional approach. This means a site with more power without the associated cost.

How DX8 improves Drupal 8

The most noticeable change for the editor is the new editing and page creation interface. Editors are finally able to view their page on the back-end and effortlessly see its structure. No more endless scrolling down the page trying to pick the correct nesting to look inside hoping you’re lucky enough to find the field you want.

And do you ever get annoyed when you have created the perfect component, but it is nested in the wrong place and you can’t drag it elsewhere? DX8 allows dragging and dropping of components all over the page (or even onto other pages including its content), not caring about how many layers of nesting there are.

Having this freedom to effortlessly move the components, and to visualise easily how the page will be structured, removes so much hassle from the day to day of page creation and editing. Less stress and more free time How wonderful!

This can be seen in greater detail on Vimeo.

What are the most evident and interesting implications of DX8 related to design, layout and content?

Approaching site builds from a perspective of design patterns introduces a new way of thinking which can significantly improve the marketing performance of a website.

By removing fixed layout from the limitations of the CMS, the editor can concentrate on the engagement and content strategy of the site. This means assumptions made at build time on in-page navigation, story sequencing and even page length can be tested and evolved without developer input.

Ultimately this means the end client will have a website which will last longer, perform better and achieve a higher ROI.

Further reading on design patterns can be found on Cohesion's site (includes agency build information as well)

To learn more about how we can help you with DX8, email George at [email protected].