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David Riches

Passing submission data from one webform to another

A client request came through asking for a webform block with “name” and “email address” fields that would pre-populate a full contact form on submission.

In the past we needed to do some custom code to achieve this, but with the aid of the Token module we can do this quickly with 2 webforms.

1. First setup your webform.


2. Create your second webform, identify which fields you want pre-populated and write them down, so in our case we want to populate the Name and Email address fields.


3. Point the “Custom URL” redirection location on the first webform pointing to the second webform, we are going to pass through the submission values through the URL to the second webform.



4. Now, one the second webform, identify the fields you wrote down earlier and using the tokens module add them to the default values.



If you submit the first webform now it should pre populate the values on the second form.


Something to note: Tokens have been updated in Webform 4, If you are using webform 3 it would of been something like “%GET[name]” - See changelog for replacement values.

Written by David Riches