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Laura Mercurio

Meet our partner David Griffiths, Code Enigma Operations Manager

We recently had David in the office and took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about himself and the relationship NDP has with Code Enigma. 

3 interesting things about David:

  • I’m a musician. I’ve been playing guitar for over 25 years (search Spotify for ‘Electralyte’) 

  • I have an interesting combination of qualifications - Theology and Marketing

  • I once did a skydive and three bungee jumps all in the same day - I must like falling...


How did you start a career in technology? 

The route to working in Operations for tech companies wasn't a direct path for me. From selling high end fashion to bankers in London, to advising prospective teachers on routes into the profession, to making coffee in Starbucks while working as a professional musician - I’ve done it all. But every situation has shaped my keen observation skills and diplomacy and developed a combo of intuitive and data-led process creation.

My key formative time was spent establishing a variety of operational processes with an emerging telecoms supplier. Joining the company as the 5th member of the team, I went on to help expand the company to 15 at the time of leaving, setting up business development, account management and support desk services, as well as project managing the development team, particularly when working with key clients such as Countrywide plc.

Feeling the need for new challenges and experiences, I found my way to Code Enigma. As a distributed company it’s giving me valuable insight in how to motivate and manage people and operations remotely.

How do you get inspired? 

I’m inspired by people. Fundamentally, I’m inquisitive (or nosy, depending on your perspective). So I really value listening to people’s stories, exploring their values, observing how they work and trying to understand what inspires them. I’m also inspired by progression. This doesn’t have to mean more or bigger. It could be enabling someone’s personal development. Or it could be establishing a new process that makes our lives easier or delivers more value to our clients.

What’s unique about Code Enigma’s offering, particularly with regard to Data Protection?

We take data protection, and information security in general, seriously. That’s why, even though we were still a small company, in 2014 we got ourselves ISO 27001 certified. And it’s not something we just pay lipservice too. Since then, we’ve genuinely challenged ourselves daily to be better and allow the rigour and controls of the standard to help us. We’re very open about our mistakes and really alert to vulnerabilities. We even have someone on the Drupal security council.

Finally, what do you enjoy most about collaborating with us? 

Collaborating is the key word here. NDP and Code Enigma deliver similar design and development services, so we work together where Code Enigma can support NDP’s work, particularly when it comes to hosting solutions. Both companies come from the open source community background, so it’s great to see those values continuing, even as both companies grow and become more established.