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Kath Goward

Meet Kath, our Account Manager

Something about Kath...

Kath has been working with NDP as an Account Manager for a year next month - how time flies! Since graduating from Cardiff University she has worked in relatively small sized digital agencies so really values team and client relationships. 

Kath loves music; which naturally involves going to lots of gigs and festivals, and food; a split between spending too much money on eating out and searching for new, exciting recipes to cook at home.


Tell us what you do at NDP

I sit between the support and the strategy team to ensure that not only are we processing tickets timely and efficiently, but we are also thinking strategically about the wider picture for our clients. I work very closely with our support manager Claire to ensure the smooth running of our managed services space - Are we doing what the client has asked for? Do we need to ask more questions about what is being asked? Are they up to date with how long we’ve spent on each task? A day doesn’t go by without a call or meeting with a client, a check in with our internal support team, or catching up with the strategy team to check we’re all aligned on our clients goals and objectives across support and projects. 

Why NDP? 

What I think is unique about NDP is that no matter what client, we still treat them with the same importance. Each and every ticket is treated with the same approach; our dedicated support team assess the priority, ask the right questions, put this into QA testing and overall we strive to resolve the request as fast, and efficiently as possible. Having a dedicated team of developers and support manager really helps with this. We also have a really varied team to offer a range of services - from cookie audits to full site audits, analytics to SEO, creative and UX reviews, accessibility audits and more, all underlined by our deep expertise in the Drupal technology. 

What does the year ahead look like for NDP?

Firstly, we’re looking to expand our support team so we can continue to deliver the best, most efficient service to our current and future clients. This will ensure we’re on top of the latest trends and legislation that our clients expect of us - including PECR cookie compliance which is going to be a big one this year. We’re currently helping a number of our clients ensure their websites are meeting these requirements, and we predict that it’s only a matter of time before the ICO cracks down on those ignoring this. 

Drupal 9 is coming out in July so we’ll be working with our clients on Drupal 8 to ensure a smooth transition, whilst continuing to work with others on Drupal 7 towards their imminent upgrade. 

Since the success of our last AI focused office event back in September 2019, we’re looking to throw open our doors and host many more throughout 2020; the first being our interactive content event on January 23rd. Keep your eyes peeled for more happening throughout the year too as we’d love to see you all there.

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