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Meet Deanna, Our User Experience Lead

Meet Deanna, our User Experience Lead. She has been expanding our UX team capabilities over the past 2 years, ensuring users are at the centre of our digital projects. Her wider experience blends psychology, neuroscience and behaviour with branding, marketing and entrepreneurship across the UK, China and Canada.

Tell us 3 things about yourself

I have toilets to thank for introducing me to user-centred design. 

I’m often plugged into an audiobook - it’s the best way to make the most of my daily commute. Educated by Tara Westover has been a recent listening binge for me.

I have this goal of learning to rollerblade. I haven’t started yet but hopefully by saying this aloud you can hold me accountable! Roll on summer 2019!


Tell us about what you do at NDP

I head the User Experience team at NDP. This means I take a keen interest in user needs and behaviours as they engage with our client’s digital platforms. Understanding how target users interact with a website, allows us to optimise their journeys

Our UX team operates end-to-end on projects, which includes discovery research, user testing, persona creation, journey mapping, wireframe prototyping, information architecture and delivery through to design and development.

We’re in an exciting space where we get to interact with users, strategise with clients, visualise with designers, and architect with developers - all in the same day!

I’m also involved with running internal ‘Upskills’ workshops, which provides everyone across the agency with the chance to engage in user-centred design activities and increases awareness of the UX work we do with clients.

How do you get inspired?

Participating in talks and events around London is one way I bring fresh thinking back to my work. I recently started volunteering with Ladies That UX and have met encouraging, open-minded and experienced professionals that are challenging the status quo. Their desire to learn and improve pushes me to do the same.

On the other hand, just taking a peek at other spaces (and screens) around the studio can be motivating. As an agency, we get opportunities to work on some cool projects. If I’m stumped, a simple chat with someone not familiar with the project is, sometimes, exactly the reset I need.

What interests you about the future of UX?

I’m curious about the relationship between technology and emotional wellbeing. As technology has become increasingly more embedded in our work and personal lives, what used to be helpful, delightful, and fun has now become a burden. We’re often distracted and overwhelmed. That’s not a pleasant way to live. We need to work together to create responsible products. Intentional and sustainable design for our own mental health is an area where we can start.

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