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Custom display suite fields in Drupal 8

One of the most useful modules in Drupal is display suite. Something I constantly use, especially for creating custom display fields.

What’s a custom display field?

It’s purely a field for rendering specific content on the display. No field api work, we just want to get some information related to the node and display it in a display suite template

Why would I need to use a custom display field?

The short answer is you’ll always need to do something like override a node or field template, and usually that’s enough. But sometimes you need a bit more, that’s where display... Read more

Random sorting with search API in Drupal 7

Every now and then you get asked to order view results randomly. This is good as it keeps the content new and content right at the bottom of the index will get a chance to shine.

The Problem

Views in Drupal has this functionality built in, you can add Global: Random for your search criteria.

However, this doesn’t work for a view which is listing indexed data from search api .

The solution

There are/could be modules to fix this behavior, but here is a nice trick to get... Read more

Say hello to Sketch

Designers are curious people by nature, and maybe that’s what explains the neverending will to find new tools that will help them exteriorise ideas and best execute their craft. With that said, let’s talk about my experience with Sketch and how moving away from the classic CS pack can help to improve the design workflow.

It all comes out of frustration

Working with UI Design in a very busy agency, Photoshop became my main partner, helping me to deliver some exquisite layouts to the hands of a bunch of excited clients. With its colour profiles, grids, effects, filters... Read more

DrupalCamp London 2017

This year saw the fifth anniversary of DrupalCamp London , which has become one of the key dates in the Drupal calendar. According to organisers this was the largest yet, with over 600 people attending.

As usual it took place at City, University of London , but a major change greeted attendees due to the major facelift the university building has received. The keynotes took place in a brand new lecture hall, and facilities have generally been moderised and improved across... Read more

Creating a dotted line animation with JS & HTML

Coding is a continuous learning experience and each project gives you the opportunity to learn some new techniques.

In one of my last projects, the client asked for a card based page with a vertical tracking line generated by a pin while scrolling down with the mouse.

The animation needed to be interrupted by the title of each card.

To obtain that effect I animated each element individually for each card with the ScrollMagic library:

  • A pin, which is just a fixed element repeated in each card.
    The animation controls how it shows and hides to
  • ... Read more

Passing submission data from one webform to another

A client request came through asking for a webform block with “name” and “email address” fields that would pre-populate a full contact form on submission.

In the past we needed to do some custom code to achieve this, but with the aid of the Token module we can do this quickly with 2 webforms.

1. First setup your webform.

2. Create your second webform, identify which fields you want pre-populated and write them down, so in our case we want to populate the Name and Email... Read more

Web licenses

Whether you’re agreeing to iTunes or writing a node module, you are working with licenses. You might think that open source software doesn’t need licensing as it’s free and part or the community. However, that’s not entirely true. For most open source software you will see the GPL license used, but you may add a library to your site which carries a different license.

Let’s start off with a good question. “Can Open Source software be used for commercial purposes”. The answer is Yes. 100%.

What is the license for drupal?... Read more

This way to the future...

Last week I went to the Futurestack conference hosted by New Relic.

On arrival we were greeted with a fancy selection of selection of fruit, pastries and juices to wet the appetite which was followed by an opening talks by Lew Cirne (Founder & CEO) and Jim Stoneham (VP of products) from New Relic.


APM Fundamentals.

Some good stuff in here - Application performance monitoring provides on-demand application performance management. You can view the health and availability of... Read more

The Panama Papers, the FBI and your website

Panama Papers linked to old Drupal exploit

By now, you’ll probably have heard of the Panama Papers, the greatest leak of corporate data in history. The hackers made off with over 11.5 million files containing information about over 210,000 companies spanning 40 years. The fallout from these revelations have only just begun to reverberate, but so far they’ve toppled the prime minister of Iceland, given David Cameron an uncomfortable week and probably done more for tax reform than endless years of campaigning.

It’s not known who perpetrated... Read more

Why is social still so hard for organisations?

I was at a meeting with a potential client the other day, looking at their five-year old site and found myself talking about the two seismic shifts in digital comms — mobile and social.

Mobile I will talk about another day, but suffice to say mobile is a no-brainer. You simply have to have a good mobile experience or you are losing out. The stats are clear and probably your own habits of mobile use are enough to convince you that you need to have a good mobile presence.

But social… Social is still really hard for organisations to get on top of. How come?... Read more

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