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Spam. Both tinned meat and the bane of many people’s digital life. The sheer volume of spam continues to grow year after year, and even with strong spam filters, dangerous messages are still getting through. 

The pandemic has created a lot of unexpected results, one being the rapid increase of spam and phishing emails. 

The pandemic saw a 26% rise in spam emails.

I am sure you are as fed up with receiving these spam and phishing emails as we are, and have had enough of your spam-filled inbox trying to take your money or steal your info. In this article we explain how to block it and how we can help you with this in a single small project.

Putting spam back in the can

So how do we solve this problem? In previous times there were often one-click solutions. However as the spammer’s tactics evolve it is now necessary to adopt a multi-layered defence to stay one step ahead of them. Most spam is submitted by bots rather than people, so your defences need to confound the bots. Our package of measures includes these 4 steps:

Install Google ReCAPTCHA to protect key forms

This works by comparing a user’s behaviour to real humans. Older versions show a popup (click on the traffic lights) whereas newer versions are less intrusive and look at multiple indicators to figure out whether the user is a human.


This is a Drupal module which tricks bots into filling in information that a real user wouldn’t: a good way to identify the bots and bin their messages.



Another tool in the arsenal - this Drupal module separates submissions by bots from real humans by using JavaScript to look at user behaviour.

Protected Forms


This Drupal module lets you reject messages submitted on your site if they contain undesirable text. This is a good final line of defence because spammers typically insert links and known keywords into their messages. So if a human spammer or sophisticated bot were able to defeat the other methods this is a good way of keeping your inbox clean.

And finally, we would always recommend that websites use a modern CDN and web application firewall where possible. We know that many websites will already have this in place but if not, then Cloudflare is a modern and continuously evolving technology that we use with many clients. We find Cloudflare offers a very cost effective solution that is fast to setup, doesn’t charge for bandwidth and is continuously innovating.

Getting started

What’s the next step? We’d be happy to discuss your needs with you but our package of solutions can be added to almost all Drupal websites and because we’ve done it before we can offer this solution for a fixed price of £1500 + VAT. Get in touch below and we can get the ball rolling for you with a fast turnaround. 

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