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Passing submission data from one webform to another

A client request came through asking for a webform block with “name” and “email address” fields that would pre-populate a full contact form on submission.

In the past we needed to do some custom code to achieve this, but with the aid of the Token module we can do this quickly with 2 webforms.

1. First setup your webform.

2. Create your second webform, identify which fields you want pre-populated and write them down, so in our case we want to... Read more

Web licenses

Whether you’re agreeing to iTunes or writing a node module, you are working with licenses. You might think that open source software doesn’t need licensing as it’s free and part or the community. However, that’s not entirely true. For most open source software you will see the GPL license used, but you may add a library to your site which carries a different license.

Let’s start off with a good question. “Can Open Source software be used for commercial purposes”. The answer is Yes. 100%.

What is the license for drupal?... Read more

What’s the big fuss about Drupal 8?

To IT professionals and Drupal developers, the improvements and benefits seem immediately clear. But what are the benefits to an organisation using Drupal?A lot of work has gone into improving the underlying programmatic structure of Drupal. Developers now have an evolved platform to build everything from community web portals to resource directories, from eCommerce sites to social networking sites.

The benefit for you is scope - if you can imagine it as an online service or site Drupal can almost certainly do it. Here’s a quick run through of... Read more

This way to the future...

Last week I went to the Futurestack conference hosted by New Relic.

On arrival we were greeted with a fancy selection of selection of fruit, pastries and juices to wet the appetite which was followed by an opening talks by Lew Cirne (Founder & CEO) and Jim Stoneham (VP of products) from New Relic.


APM Fundamentals.

Some good stuff in here - Application performance monitoring provides on-demand application performance management. You can view the health and availability of... Read more

The Panama Papers, the FBI and your website

Panama Papers linked to old Drupal exploit

By now, you’ll probably have heard of the Panama Papers, the greatest leak of corporate data in history. The hackers made off with over 11.5 million files containing information about over 210,000 companies spanning 40 years. The fallout from these revelations have only just begun to reverberate, but so far they’ve toppled the prime minister of Iceland, given David Cameron an uncomfortable week and probably done more for tax reform than endless years of campaigning.

It’s not known who perpetrated... Read more


Drupal 8 is here . It’s been a long time coming, too long.

The Drupal community will be working on a way to speed up development without compromising support.

There are many changes under the hood which get developers excited, but the key message is that Drupal will be able to do more things at a system level - not just run a CMS but power an app or drive data into another application which then presents it in a more interactive form. This makes it ideal for developing online applications where the idea of a... Read more

Paper first, pixel later – why you should sketch before you wireframe

A blank screen is a daunting prospect. There’s a strong temptation to get right in there with your wireframing software and start drawing boxes. But don’t give in. It’s a trap.

Surface design can hide deeper problems. Emphasising visual design at the wrong stage of a project, or a focus on style before getting the substance right can mask structural issues which only appear when it’s too late.

Too much detail too soon. It’s tempting to spend time focusing on details or how it looks, before... Read more

Social feeds: Integrating social media without ruining UX

This is the second part of our series on social media, you can read part 1 here .

Now that it's common to have a presence on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many organisations have started looking for ways to incorporate the content they create for these social networks back into their websites.

And it's definitely worth doing. This social content can create a useful overview what your organisation is up to, and when done well, serves to give users more context about your expertise, creativity... Read more

Why is social still so hard for organisations?

I was at a meeting with a potential client the other day, looking at their five-year old site and found myself talking about the two seismic shifts in digital comms — mobile and social.

Mobile I will talk about another day, but suffice to say mobile is a no-brainer. You simply have to have a good mobile experience or you are losing out. The stats are clear and probably your own habits of mobile use are enough to convince you that you need to have a good mobile presence.

But social… Social is still really hard for organisations to get on top of. How come?... Read more

Charity donations best practice

At NDP we often work on projects that involve helping charities to optimise their online donations process. Here I want to look at the good practice examples we often show clients when discussing how they should do this.

With the introduction of new services enabling charities to take donations easily, and tailor the process to their needs, the donation transaction experience has been improving rapidly, but this isn’t where most user’s begin their journey towards making a donation.

Making a donation can be a long process for a user, especially... Read more

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